omg whyyy

the hell did i go into the ben barnes tag? of course that another photo got released from that ‘swan shoot’ and its FULL of fucking swans like a dozen of them. i cannot handle this in the.. almost-morning.


brrr.. i fucking hate swans, and afraid of birds in general so this photo is like taken from a horror movie for me… shiit.


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Anonymous inquired:

You have no idea! Just keep watching! Mike and Rachel will surprise you<33 They are ... like whoaa... I looveeee them so much!! otp feelss :')

I guess i have some ideas because of the gifs i’ve seen haha ;) but yes i can’t wait to get there… i think it’s in the s2 finale. anywaaay, i’m guessing there will be many great eps until that one :D:D and yes ofc i really love them too, their banter and flirting is just hilarious (and hot) xd

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30-33/100 photos of Emma Watson

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omg *_____* they kissed. my babies kissed. yes good.

i was not expecting it this soon. i’m only at 1x10 but damn… asdfghjkl now they just need to make that jenny charcter disappear cause i don’t care about her and she’s annoying and in the way of my ship dammit

i just hope they won’t be all awkward and stuff.

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13/100 photos of the amazing Sophia Bush

13/100 photos of the amazing Sophia Bush

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Chicago Fire 2×20 and Chicago PD 1×12 promo II.[x]

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"Besides have sex and sleep, you mean? Probably read. But I’d much rather be doing one of the other two."  (Ben Barnes on his favorite thing to do in bed)

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